Psychic and Tarot Card Reading Combo

“The Combination Reading”
Psychic and Tarot Card ReadingPsychic and Tarot Card Reading Combo

Psychic and Tarot Card Reading The “Combination Reading” gives you the best of both readings.


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With the Psychic Reading, you get powerful insight into your thoughts and your actions and any spiritual factors influencing your life. With this “internal” reading, you will learn…

  • What you should do to make a situation better
  • Are you makeing matters worse
  • What spiritual factors (Positive or Negative) are influencing your life.

The Tarot Card Reading gives the “Big Picture,” external view, so you can discover…

  • What are others Planning, Doing, and Thinking.
  • What are the motives/hidden agendas of those around you.
  • How can you navigate a situation to a favorable outcome.

The Psychic Reading gives an up-close look into your mind, heart, and the spirit realm that influences your life and the Tarot Card Reading looks at the people and events, which shape the world around you.

Together the Psychic and Tarot Card Reading is a powerful combination that can help you avoid pitfalls, overcome obstacles, and guide you to peace, love, and happiness.

If you need to know, all there is to know, if you want to understand a situation completely from every angle, then this is a good choice for you.

The Psychic and Tarot Card Reading Combo

can be done in Person or by Phone, can last 20 minutes to an hour and because it is priced at a flat rate, there is no additional fee even if the reading should go over an hour.

Jennifer is a natural, born psychic. She has dedicated her life to helping others find lives of Peace, Love, Success, and Happiness. Contact her today and discover what a wonderful difference a Reading by Jennifer can make in your life.

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