Psychics and Spirituality

Psychics and Spirituality: Know the difference between spiritual advisors and psychics

Psychics and Spirituality From the traditional and more conservative point of view, spirituality is more of beingPsychics and Spirituality attached to religious values, spiritual matters instead of being deep into materialistic world or looking for worldly matters. Nevertheless, spirituality has evolved as years passes to include high levels of consciousness. Spiritual people are connected to God, the nature as well as the deepest part of their own being.

The new form of spirituality was not known to the western world until people came to learn about the Eastern religions that emphasized on self-consciousness. This included a deep analysis of psychology and feelings. The true self-expression includes freeing your mind through expression and meditation.

Who is a spiritual advisor?

A spiritual advisor is a person that aids you in the process of discovering your spirituality. He or she is trained and understands the matters of spirituality such that he or she can provide guidance on your spiritual journey. He helps in balancing the art of spirituality between human expression and success.

Who is psychic?

A psychic is a person that has the extrasensory perception in that he can identify hidden messages and meanings that the normal senses cannot perceive. Since the early periods of human civilization, there were fortunetellers who used their abilities to tell the future events using the power of stars and plants. In professional terms, the science is known as astrology

Fortune telling evolved to a point where astrologers could foresee the future without looking at the heavenly bodies. These predictions were based on trepidation and sometimes visions. These people were referred to as seers or prophets. Later on, they were called psychics or clairvoyants.

From history, the seers were generally respected and consulted on the matters of running the state. Most of them lived around kings and emperors. Others were priests in their kingdoms as they were thought to communicate to gods.

Psychic gifts range from one extrasensory experience to the other. Such abilities include seeing, feeling, hearing, and sometimes tasting the spiritual energy. Different psychics have different abilities or a combination of one, two, or more abilities.

Being a psychic is a gift. However, being spiritual is having a higher vibration of psychic. This higher power is given to those that love to make the world a better place to live. People that have the abilities must always increase the power of their gifting by becoming more spiritual and selfless serving of other individuals in the society. In the course of serving others, they also benefit from the gifts.