Readings and Services

Readings and Services

All Readings and Services are Available in Person or by Phone

Psychic reading
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Psychic Reading
in detailWith a psychic reading by Jennifer, Nothing stays hidden, Career, Health and Love are explained in detail. Jennifer understands that this is about your Life and if something is important to you $130.USD …Read More



Psychic and Tarot Reading
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Psychic and Tarot Card Reading (Combo Reading) 
Together the Psychic and Tarot Card Readings are a powerful combination that can help you avoid pitfalls, overcome obstacles, and guide you to peace, love, and happiness. $160.USD. …Read More



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Soul Mate Reading
Looking for clarity in your love life? Get the information you need, to make the right decision. Whether you want to repair a relationship or find new love, you need the facts before $180.USD …Read More



tarot card reading
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Tarot Card Reading

With her natural psychic ability and years of experience, Jennifer uses the Tarot Cards to help you to understand your life, yourself, and the world around you.  Tarot Card Readings can provide hope in $80.USD. …Read More



get your ex back
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Get Your Ex Back
However difficult it may seem – there is hope. You can “Get Your Ex Back“. Don’t just wish, or leave it to chance – fight for what you want, Jennifer will show you how. Soul Mate Uniting is …Read More



energy cleansing
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Negative Energy Cleansing
“Stuff” happens, but when life becomes a series of unfortunate events, it is wise to take a closer look and realize that your troubles may be rooted deeper than our physical realm…Read More


chakra balancing
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Chakra Balancing
Chakras are the spiritual energy points of the body. Being out of balance, results in unnecessary life struggles, challenges, and painful experiences. However, you can easily regain control of your life by …Read More