balance your Chakras

How to balance your Chakras

There are a lot of chakras in your body but the main ones are 7. In this article we talk about how to balance them and how to make everything work in your body when they are out of balance.

Chakra meditation:

Unless the cause of imbalance has been detected, chakras will suffer from unavoidable imbalance. For this reason, it is very important to engage in chakra meditation to make sure that your chakras are always in balance and are in great shape. The right fit of meditation should involve the feelings that are isolated inside of you.



Affirmations are positive statements that work to restore balance to our chakras. These affirmations help us to feel that we are doers and that the world is full of positive energy. Our chakras go out of balance when there is a lot of negative energy affecting them. For this reason, using positive energy is a key factor in restoring chakras balance.

Balance through massage:

Massaging your body can help in restoring balance to your chakras.  Massage techniques will target different areas in your body.

  • Massaging your feet and legs will affect the balance of your root chakras. After massaging these areas in your body for a while, you will feel that your root chakra has had its balance restored and that everything in your body is working according to plan.
  • Deep tissue massage or myofascial massage is great is restoring balance to your sacral chakra. This helps to release tension from the hips and to make sure that everything is working according to plan. Muscle tension is a great cause of imbalance in your chakras. Deep tissue massage aims at releasing the toxins out from your body and making sure that your muscles are not tensed.
  • Applying massaging oils to the abdomen can release the tension in the solar plexus and can make sure that the balance is restored to this chakra. This encourages waste elimination and helps the body to release a lot of the waste material that has been gathering inside.
  • Massaging the area of the upper back and the shoulder will help restore the balance to the heart chakra. The pectoral muscles of this region always tense up so that they cause a lot of imbalance to your chakra. The right massaging technique is essential when you want to restore balance to your chakra.
  • The throat chakra is also subject to a lot of imbalance but the deep tissue massage ensures that everything is restored to normal. When you massage the tissues surrounding your throat, you will be releasing the tension that causes the imbalance in this particular chakra.
  • The brow stripping massage technique aims at restoring balance to the third eye chakra. This is followed by hair pulling that will release the muscle tension in this area.
  • The crown chakra is also fixed by hair pulling that will release the tension and will restore balance to this particular chakra.

Color Vibrations:

Because each chakra is associated and affected by a certain color, exposing your chakras to different colors will ensure that some of the lost balance is restored. Different colors will have an effect on our emotions and feelings and will cause a lot of change on the imbalance in our chakras.


Music touches our souls directly and this means that when you listen to music, your chakras get affected. Soothing and relaxing music is essential to restore the lost balance to your chakras. There are a lot of special kinds of music that create special music frequencies and vibrations that have healing powers. Listening to these types of music will help our chakras stay balanced.

Energy healers:

There are some professional energy healers who help to examine one’s energy levels and help to identify the blockage. Next they have special techniques to restore that lost balance to your chakras and to make sure that everything is fine.

Chakra stones:

These are specific crystals that have a lot of special vibrations and colors. These stones will have healing powers and each color will be used to heal the imbalance in a certain chakra. But some stones are more versatile and will restore the balance in more than one chakra.


Yoga will involve redirecting the internal energy flow in your body that leads to chakras imbalance. Through breath and different postures, you will help channel back your positive energy in to the places that will restore balance to your chakras.


When the balance to your chakras is restored, you will see how things change for your body and soul.

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