Identifying a soul mate: What is a Soul Mate

What is a Soul Mate?

When we were young, it was easy to believe that life would look that it looks on Disney movies. You meet a soul mate, fall in love from the word go, face a few challenges with the soul mate and then live happily thereafter. (Soulmate Reading) Unfortunately, most of us give up when we do not find someone that we can live ‘happily ever after’ with. Those who have been in the dating world for some time can attest that finding a true partner can sometimes feel like a fairy tale.

What is a Soul Mate

What is a soul mate in your terms? You can have many descriptions of a soul mate. One person once said, “A soul mate is that person who has keys that open your locks and has locks that are opened by your keys.” When we are able to open up, we are able to bring out our true character and feel comfortable around such people.

A soul mate is the epitome of partnership and love. N this chaotic life, most of us jump from one relationship to the other looking for one person that can open our locks. There is that level of satisfaction and fulfillment between soulmates that cannot be found elsewhere. In fact, the world is very different between people deeply in love. The other person has elements that look perfectly into yours and tend to complete your misgivings in life.

There is commitment to making the relationship better

A soul mate is a person who is committed to a relationship with you and works hard to help you become a better version of yourself. It is not all about the bliss and the joy, but the soul mate also reprimands you when you deviate from the right route. He or she is able to push you from your comfort zone and help you reach your goals in life.

It is not all about the benefits

Different from what many people think, soul mates are not in a symbiotic relationship. Symbiotic relationships are those relationships where people partner up for the benefits they get from each other hence the word ‘fiends with benefits.’ However, in the case of soulmates, each has to give up a part of him or her to enable the partner to get or feel better. In most of the times, the partners give more than they get from their soul mates.

Moreover, it is not smooth sailing all the way. Most of the stable relationships always have a rough start at the beginning or get rough as they go on. They sometimes feel like two edges of a jagged saw having to be fitted together. Sometimes, it seems as if you are not meant to be together. There are fights and emotional flare-ups, financial problems and relationship problems with the in-laws among other difficulties. However, at the end of the day, the love for each other brings you back together.

Often soulmates do not meet in life as they do in the movies. There is usually no spark when soulmates to be meet at first. It may take years before would-be partners can develop from friendship to a close relationship. It is also not about the prettiest girl in the class or the hunkiest gentleman in the neighborhood. The relationship is also not much of a sexual one at the start. However, it ends up being a strong bond between partners.

Do you still wonder what is a soul mate? Here are a few things that point to a likely soul mate

You meet at the right time

You get the connection to your soul mate when it is the right time. You could be living near him or her, went to the same college or working with them. However, the connection happens at the time when you are both ready to settle down. You could have gone through a relationship that never worked or moved to a new location and then the forces of nature took you to your partner.

You feel each other’s pain

You effortlessly stand in each other’s shoes. Your hearts get so close such that when he walks through the door, you can tell that the day was not good by just looking at his face. The same happens in times of joy and happiness.

You are will to keep with each other’s flaws

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. You could be stubborn but a good decision maker. You could be introverted but meticulous in your work. The soul mate is able to withstand the negative side of your traits comfortably. Love rarely changes personal traits, but with the right partner, he or she can take the good of your traits.

You respect each other’s opinions and differences

You met when you were still adults. Each of you has different background and personal opinions. Instead of forcing the partner to behave like you do or see things in your perspective, you understand their point of view. Then, you work together to find common ground that takes a bit of each opinion.

What is a soul mate? It the other half that completes you happiness, desire for support and becomes a part of you! Good luck finding a soul mate.

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