Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Am I psychic? do you wonder if you have psychic abilities? Had you predicted an event and it happened? Do you have information about others even before they share it with you? Many people have enhanced psychic abilities in one form or the other.Am I Psychic

It is unfortunate that sometimes the psychic people are thought to be practicing black magic or evil which is usually not the case. We all have some form of psychic power. It is just that most of us do not know the signs, ignore them or have not discovered their abilities.

Am I psychic? Here are signs to determine if you have psychic abilities

Higher levels of intuition than anyone else

Does the name of the person calling your phone come to mind even before you take the call? Have you ever sensed danger before an event occurred and it did occur? If you have high levels of intuition, you may just be having a psychic gift within you.

Feelings like you have been in places where you have never traveled

Do you ever have a feeling as if you have traveled certain places you have never been? Do new people, features, and facilities seem familiar when you encounter them for the first time? If you have been experiencing such weird feelings, you have some psychic abilities.

You see visions now and then… and they come true

If you get visions of future events and they come true, you have psychic abilities. If you see things to come when fully awake or in your dream, you have a psychic gift.

Your gut feeling is normally accurate

If you just feel that something is about to happen and it happens or have a ‘sixth sense’ of things that are about to happen, you have strong psychic abilities.

Instances of telepathy

Do you feel like you could communicate to the other people and animals with the mind? Have you ever felt as if you are connected to another person’s mind? Have you ever tapped in another person’s process of thinking? Telepathy is a strong sign that you are psychic.

Large-scale pre-motions and predictions

Have you ever written down things that you are convinced that they will happen and they did happen? Have you ever told someone of something you feel that it will happen and it ended up happening? The ability to make accurate predictions and have pre-motions of things that are about to happen shows that you have a psychic gift.

Having vivid dreams

Most of the people with psychic abilities can remember their dreams even to the smallest details after they wake up. Their dreams are usually full of symbols that give them the understanding of their lives. Many of the people have recurring dreams that tell a certain story and indicate some event that is happening the real life of the dream. Do you remember what you dreamt last time? You could be having psychic abilities.

Evidence of psychometry

Psychometrics includes the ability to experience or sense the history of an object or a person by touching them. Psychics get to know the deeper details of a particular person or an object by touching it. In most cases, the psychic experiences some of the past events when holding the hand of the person or the objects. The experience is regarding sounds, smells, tastes, and mental images of the events that took place in his or her life. If you have this ability in you, you have a psychic gift. (About Jennifer)

You sense when things are not going right

Do you ever sense that a loved one is in trouble? Do you feel great fear or lack of piece when the thought of the person you love comes to mind? The funny thing is that you cannot tell how but feel within you that the person you love is in deep trouble.


This is another word for clear hearing. It is the ability to perceive words or sounds from sources in the spiritual realm. People with psychic gifts perceive music, sounds, or voices that are not heard by the normal ear. They feel these elements in mind or by the ears. If this ever happens to you, you have a psychic gift.

The ability to heal

Have you ever touched someone who was ill and he or she got healed? The ability to transfer energy to the ill person for them to feel better is one of the symptoms of a psychic gift.

It is a great treasure to have psychic abilities within you. You can handle challenges in other people’s lives, and you own life as well. You can reveal mysteries, offer guidance, and help avert problems in the future. Check if you have any of the gifts explained above, you most likely have several of the gifts. Embrace the gifts and start to use them for the betterment of your life and the lives of people around you. Do not be scared of your abilities. It is not a bad thing to have the abilities.

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