How to Deal with a Bad Friendship

Bad Friendship

Who needs a bad friendship?  We need friends to love us, support us during tough times, and provide companionship. However, not all friendships are good for our lives. There are toxic friends that cause us to move away from our goals and get into undesirable behavior. You must get rid of these kinds of friends.

Here are common types of toxic friends and how to deal with a bad friendshipBad Friendship

The frenemy

This person pretends to be your friend but acts in ways to suggest that he or she is not a friend. When he or she compliments you, there is a sting behind the compliment such as, ‘you are good for your size’ ‘the pair of shoes is ugly, but it looks good on you.’

If you have a friend that makes you feel bad about yourself most of the time, he or she is a frenemy. To get rid of such a friend, stop calling her, taking her calls or taking part in the social events together. You are better off not meeting the friend.

The mooch

We all get into financial crisis from time to time. We also forget our debit cards and wallets at home and ask for assistance from our friends. However, there are friends that take advantage of the situation. He/She ask for loans regularly but are not willing to pay. They always give excuses for not paying up. They would not buy you a drink but are always requesting a lunch, dinner or drinks from you.

This is how to deal with a bad friendship as this. Start by stopping to give him or her the cash. Demand for your money or other assets and stop inviting them for treats. If the friend fails to get the hint, get rid of him or her from your life.

The Horvath

This kind of a friend constantly makes everything about him or her. He or she is good at turning your problems around so that they point to his or her problems. The conversations change from empathizing with you to whining about his or her ‘similar’ problems. The worst thing about it is that he or she expects help from you to fix the problem yet you have a similar issue. This friend can be emotional and mentally exhausting.

If you are at crossroads on how to deal with a bad friendship involving this kind of friend, start by not sharing your life with them. This cuts off the material, which they use to feed their egos. Be a person of few words. When they whine, feign helplessness too. They will lose the interest to in such conversations, as you are not feeding their egos.

The negative Kate

Do you have a friend that is always complaining about just everything? Such friends are always sick, tired, pessimistic, and sad. They do not see any positivity in anything. They do not even appreciate efforts to make their lives better. Such negativity is toxic to your life and may affect your goals and relationships.

You can try to help such a friend by showing her that things are better even with the problems he or she could be facing. Cut down too much talk if he or she does not seem to change with time. Gradually cut him off from your life. Negativity is contagious. The more you entertain it in your life, the more it becomes a part of you.

The drama queen

The drama is only good for the theaters and the movies but not good for your life. A drama queen plays up the drama bring all the attention to her no matter the event. She tells stories that are overdramatized and hilarious. However, she becomes so exhausting and a real baggage. Wondering how to deal with this kind of friend? Stop paying attention. Get busy when you are around her. This is enough to deflate her. Otherwise, if things fail to get better, cut her out of your life.

General advice on how to deal with bad friendship

Confront the friend about the matter

If you do not like something about the friend, talk to him or her about the matter. Plan to do it when the friend is in good mood and relaxed. If he or she is apologetic, give the friend time to change. Bring the matter up again when he or she repeats the mistake. Sandwich the complaints with positive compliments of your friendship to make the matter much easier.

Check if you are contributing to the bad friendship

Do you have a role in the worsening of the friendship? Is the friend taking cue from you? Are you feeding their behaviors or egos with your behavior? Change where appropriate.

Cut them off

If nothing seems to work to bring back the friendship to the right path, it is time to bid them goodbye. You may not just go, mum. However, you can extinguish the fire by going cold. Cut down conversations on the phone, cut the messages and social events together. The spark will die with time.

Apply the tactics above to identify and get plan how to deal with a bad friendship. or there might be something more going on that meets the eye relationships go bad for all kinds of reasons hears one Chakra Balancing

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