How to Get over a Breakup

How to Get over a Breakup

How to Get over a Breakup A breakup is heart rending. It drains your energies and dampens the spirit. After a breakup you feel alone and demoralized. The human mind is not conditioned to be alone. You have drawn spiritual energy from your partner for long and the absence of this energy leaves a void. How can you get over a breakup and get your spiritual back?How to get over a breakup

Accept it

The first step is to accept that the relationship has ended. How to Get over a Breakup you ask? Well This will help you get out of the cycle of hope and despair. Hope that you will Get your ex Back and he will walk back through the door and that everything will be good again, and despair when you realize that it may never even happen.

Cut the cord

One effective technique of acceptance is the cord cutting technique. Your mind is always seeking spiritual energy. When you love someone your mind opens up to their mind. Your two minds come together in a bond. A breakup tears this bond apart and leaves your mind sore like a cut cord. Letting go of this cord is important so that it does not attach to any negative energy sources.

Cord cutting involves visualization. Get into a meditative pose and see yourself holding a cord. Let the cord drop to the floor as you mouth a mantra for example, ‘I let you go in peace’. This will help let go the cord without harboring any negative emotions towards your ex.

Breaking the cord also means that your ex’s negative energy cannot get to you through the cord. Any negative energies coming from your ex will be diverted and dissipate into space.

Getting back up

Lifting yourself is the next step after breaking old ties. Appreciating who you are is the best start. List all the good things you can say about yourself. List things about yourself that you can improve, and how to improve them.

So Having a self-improvement plan is crucial to shake off your old self and build up a new self that is more confident and positive. Look for self-improvement tools like meditation, exercise, good dieting and spiritual nourishment through taking in motivational material.

Open up

No matter how hurtful your break up is you must keep faith in the innate goodness of man. There will be someone else for you out there. Keep building up your new positive self. Open up for more connections by staying bright and jovial. People who radiate positive energy will always attract connections to others. Before long you will be seeing someone else.

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