Signs he is into you but afraid

Signs he is into you but afraid

Did you know that not all men are alpha males? This explains why a man will show signs he is into you but is too afraid to admit it. This does not make the men any bad, they only need to work on their courage. So,what are the signs he is into you but afraid to let you know?

Signs he is into you

Various moves a made by a man are more than enough proof that he likes you. However, the fact that they do not openly admit it makes it hard for the woman to figure out what exactly the man is up to. Here is an overview of signs he is into you but afraid to admit it.

Signs he is into you but afraid

  • He likes to hang around you a lot

A man will always find reasons to see that woman he is fond of. Even when around you, they still wonder how to make that move that will impress you.

He is too nice to you

When a man likes a woman, he will definitely go out of his way to impress her. You might find that the man goes beyond limits just to ensure you are treated nicely. In most cases, the man will be too polite and show a high degree of respect. These are moves bent at impressing you in a bid to capture your attention.

He keeps smiling at you

Most men try their best not to show their burning desire to be with the lady of their choice. They cannot avoid smiling at you or staring deep into your eyes. However, they are afraid that you might not want to be affiliated with them and thus they hide their emotions.

  • He channels too much attention towards you

Whether you are in a group or just both of you, the man channels his entire focus towards you. He will keep stealing glances at you but at the same time try to hide it. This is crystal clear that he is into you but afraid to open up about it.

Keeps complimenting you

A little change in your appearance will be met by endless compliments. This is a way to show you that you have caught his attention. Although he might not complement you all the time, he will surely give a genuine complement.


Most men are certainly weak around women and this explains why he will show signs he is into you but afraid to tell you. However, the reason behind the shy nature of most men is because they are afraid of the embarrassment and emotional breakdown associated with being turned down by that woman they are madly in love with.


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