Are you in Love or Forcing it?

Are you in Love or Forcing it?

Are you in Love or Forcing it? Love at first sight. That is what many people dream of. That the person you get Are you in Love or Forcing itattracted to will automatically feel the same Love at first sight. That is what many people dream of. That the person you get attracted to will automatically feel the same attraction. Sadly, this does not happen for many people.

Getting into a one-sided relationship happens when the other person is afraid of hurting your feelings by saying they are not just that into you.

You may also be taken for a ride by someone who stands to gain something other than love from the relationship. How can you tell if you are in love or forcing it?

Physical attraction

What did you think of your partner when you first met? That the forehead was too large, or the legs too thin? Physical attraction is a foundation for romantic feelings. If you find that you are repulsed by some element of your partner’s physical form, it will be hard to overcome this repulsion and you will have to constantly make excuses like that he/she has a great personality or wallet.


How do you feel when your partner is not around? Do you look forward to seeing them? How regularly do you think of your partner? What would you feel if you were told that you would not see your partner again? If you feel indifferent to seeing or being close to your partner then you probably have little feelings for him/her and are just in the relationship to keep the days going.

Over compromising with your spouse

If you find yourself making too many compromises it is probably because the other person gets their way most of the time without bothering to see how it affects you. Where You stop hanging out with your friends because the other person does not like them. You make career changes because of the relationship or even change your dressing style. You find that you are spending too much time worrying about what the other person thinks about your decisions. Too many compromises make you lose your individuality and happiness.

Conforming too much

Meeting a new person means making some changes to make the other person comfortable. However, if you are making too many changes to fit your partner’s standards then you are probably not meant for each other and would be better off apart. If your friends are constantly commenting on how dull you have become since you got into the relationship, then you have changed your personality too much to conform.

Are you in Love or Forcing itToo much persuasion

If you have to persuade your partner too much to do simple things that would be normal in a relationship, then he/she does not want to do it with you or for you. If it takes too much persuasion to go for a movie that you have already bought tickets for, then he/she does not feel like hanging out with you. The sure sign of reluctance by your partner is if you are begging too much for sex. He/she is not that into you.

Solo plans

You find that you are making all the plans alone. Your partner does not care to get involved in making plans for the vacation, date nights and other stuff that involves the two of you. Sometimes you make the plans but then your partner turns you down for silly reasons like the weather.

Relationship Quarrels

Constant quarrelling is a sign of a non-starter relationship. Does your partner get mad for silly reasons like placing the toothpaste upside down? This is a sign that he/she does not really like the way you do things and in extent does not really like your personality. If you are having constant crises in a new relationship, one side is not feeling like seeing things from your point of view.

Relationship Heartbreak

Does your partner constantly disappoint you when it comes to matters to do with the relationship? Perhaps he promised to go away for the weekend with you but he can’t because his dog fell ill. This tells you that you rank lower in his affections. Or perhaps you have been dating for 3 months but he has already started sexting the new flame at the office.

Deal breakers

These are things that cannot be changed and you have to take it or leave it. If your religions are different for example and neither of you is willing to convert then that is a deal breaker. Or perhaps that you are based in different cities and no one is willing to relocate. Things that cannot be changed or compromised on will often lead to a break up no matter how you force it to work.


Do you constantly miss being single again? Do you spend most of the time feeling sad instead of being happy since you got into the relationship? If the relationship brings on more negative feelings than positive feelings you are in love and forcing it.

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