How to improve your relationship

How to Improve Your Relationship

Working on How to improve your relationship has a direct benefit on your longevity. It has been shown that personal relationships have more impact on life expectancy more than money and success. A working stable How to improve your relationshiprelationship keeps you emotionally stable which in turn keeps you physically healthy. Improving a relationship starts with basics that need cost you money and time. So how can you improve your relationship?


You cannot know what you want to improve until you assess the current situation of the relationship. What do you think are the positive points and negative points? You can do a point’s based analysis. If the total is negative, the relationship is definitely heading for a breakup and you need to do mending urgently.


What do you and your partner value most? Knowing your values can help you see things from his/her point of view. You and your partner will also work on bringing together your values.


Low self-esteem can cause feelings of insecurity as you feel your partner will find someone better and leave. This spirals into damaging behaviour like stalking and getting overprotective. This pushes your partner away as resentment grows. Working on self-esteem issues will improve your relationship greatly.

Time A busy career means spending less time with your partner. Spending more time together brings you and your partner physically and emotionally closer. Take at least 30 minutes each day and sit down together to have a conversation on each other’s day.

Sex in your relationship

Of course this is a proven relationship binder. Sex has many emotional and physical benefits for both partners. The hormones released during lovemaking have been shown to bring people together emotionally. Couples that have more sex experience are comfortable connect at all levels and find it easier to communicate. Set time apart every week for good lovemaking. Try watching blue movies for inspiration.


Learn to love and do the little things that matter without expecting anything in return. Do some chores for your partner and let him/her have some rest.


In the light of learning to give way and accommodate your partner’s views keeps the peace in the relationship. Arguments arise from time to time but improving your negotiation skills means arguments do not have to become acrimonious or lead to quarrels.

Intimacy in your relationship

Learn to do simple stuff that creates intimacy. Looking into each other’s eyes, holding hands, cuddling, and intimacyhaving whispered conversations are habits that create more intimacy. Remember good times that you have been together for instance your honeymoon. Give each other pet names.

Set apart time to reflect on the status of your relationship. Consider the reflection time like a weekly review of what each partner has been through and how the other partner can help. Listening to each other creates a feeling of mutual respect and makes each partner feel valued.

Try Flirting in your relationship

While staying attracted to each other strengthens the bond between you and your partner. Sending spicy messages during the day, sets the tone for the evening and keeps you both longing to see each other. Sexting creates sexual tension and keeps you imagining new ways to pleasure each other. Reignite the attraction by planning date nights. Bring back the excitement you felt when you started dating.


Being romantic and believing in romance keeps your relationship strong. Read romantic novels, watch romantic movies and listen to mushy love songs together. Believing in romance, true love that never dies and all other romantic stuff actually makes your relationship stronger and better.

Thank you

Saying Thank you often makes your partner feel appreciated and valued. Showing appreciation gives pleasure to your partner to keep doing simple things for you. In turn, your partner also learns to say Thank you and keep you motivated.


Learn to surprise your partner with special treats. A fine dinner, an unexpected getaway, a bouquet of fresh flowers or a box of chocolates are some ways to make your partner feel special. Imagination counts for more than money when it comes to making surprises.


What would you and your partner like to see happen to the relationship in future? Make wishes together and list them down. If you would fancy having a jubilee celebration together say so. This gives hope and a sense of longevity to the relationship.

Apologize in your relationship

Learn to say sorry when you are wrong. Feeling remorseful for being in the wrong is the best way to make amends with your partner. Being apologetic takes down the tension and makes your partner feel his/her feelings are valued and appreciated.


Take away distractions to concentrate on what your partner is saying. Keep away your phone and switch off the TV. Paying attention to what your partner is saying makes he/she feel valued. You can also read other unspoken signs from your partner like anxiety or worry, which can help you craft better responses.


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