Are Ghost Real

Are Ghost Real

Are ghost real?

Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, are ghosts real? Most cultures around the world believe in ghosts. Ghosts are believed to be spirits that cheat death to live in another world. As a matter of fact, ghosts rank highly as one of the most popularly believed paranormal phenomenon’s in the world.

For a long time, ghosts have been a popular subject. In addition, they have appeared in numerous stories including in the Bible. With the heated debate about the existence of ghosts, the burning question still remains to be: Are ghosts real? Well, there is a conflict between science and human beliefs over the existence of ghosts.

According to popular belief, ghosts really do exist. On the other hand, science tends to differ over their existence. In most cultures, the reason for believing the existence of ghosts include: almost experiencing death, claims of people communicating with spirits and life after death.

Ghost Hunting

Over the past decade, ghost hunting has become popular around the world. This can mainly be attributed to the TV hit series; Ghost Hunters. According to this series, you do not need scientific knowledge or any investigative knowledge to detect ghosts. All you need is a dark room, some free time and several electronic gadgets. Looking at unexplained light for long or even noise could be an indicator of the presence of ghosts. As a matter of fact, there are more than 2,000 ghost hunting groups in the United States alone. This is more than enough proof of how popular ghosts are.

Are ghost real? Through the years, there have been numerous evidence to support the existence of ghosts. Some of the evidence is compelling enough to make one believe in the existence of ghosts. However, most of this evidence comes from paranormal investigations. Most of the evidence emanating from paranormal investigations might sound to be true. But again, it is difficult to believe something you simply watched on Tv. Apart from the paranormal investigations, there have also been the emergence of ghost pictures.

Although it might be possible to fake such pictures, some of them have been in circulation for a long time. In addition, these photos were taken in areas like Waverly Hill Sanatorium and Eastern state Penitentiary that are well known to be haunted by ghosts. More to that, there have also been videos supporting the existence of ghosts but at the end of the day all these pieces of evidence are just a piece of the puzzle but not the ultimate proof.

Are Ghost Real

Paranormal Investigations

What does science have to say about the existence of ghosts? According to paranormal investigations, ghosts are real. On the other hand, scientific evidence tends to differ on the existence of ghosts. According to scientists, the paranormal evidence is tampered with.

For instance the ghost pictures and videos are all doctored to create the perception of ghosts existing. More to that, scientists also thin that the various movies about ghosts are also stage managed to further support the belief that ghosts are real. Scientists believe that their equipment has the ability to detect the presence of ghosts. Some of the scientific equipment that could be used to detect the presence of ghosts include: EMF detectors, Infrared or sensitive microphones.

Existence of Ghosts

Apart from religion or culture, another reason why most people believe in the existence of ghosts is because of experiences they have had. At times, people might see or experience presence they cannot explain. Such unexplainable occurrences are more than enough reason to believe in the existence of ghosts. After all, there is no better way to explain it. With such conflicting evidences, it becomes very hard to determine whether ghosts really exist or it is just fiction. The available evidence is just too much to ignore but it still does not offer a satisfactory explanation. At the end of the day, the whole issue about the existence of ghosts is just a huge puzzle with the various pieces of evidence being different parts of the puzzle.

Neither science nor human beliefs can verify the existence of ghosts. This is because no solid evidence to prove their existence has ever been found. However, Albert Einstein who is considered one of the few geniuses to ever live once dropped a scientific hint that may put all non-believers and believers in limbo. According to Einstein, energy cannot be created or destroyed but at the end of the day, it changes form. So, what happens to our energy after death? Could it be manifested in form of a ghost?

The issue of the existence of ghosts is definitely one topic that will forever elicit heated debate.  And by the look of things, it will be an issue that will not reach a definite conclusion any time soon. That said, at the end of the day, it is up to you to determine; are ghost real?

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