What is a Clairvoyant Reading?

What is a Clairvoyant Reading?

What is a Clairvoyant Reading? A clairvoyant is a person who is able to see what is hidden to others. Clairvoyance is seeing beyond what others can see especially in the spirit world. Clairvoyants can see spirits and even talk to them. They can also what is far from them. Clairvoyants can tell of events happening far from them. There are cases where they have been used to locate missing people and objects. A clairvoyant who communicates with the spirit world on behalf of another person is called a medium.

Psychic vs. medium

All mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums. A psychic is any person who is able to perceive what others cannot. Clairvoyance is a psychic ability. Not all psychics opt to use their abilities on behalf of others. Mediums are those who choose to use their psychic powers to communicate with the spirit world on behalf of others.What is a Clairvoyant Reading

A clairvoyant reading is the telling by a psychic of the hidden things she can see regarding another person. This might be a message from the spirit world or something troubling the person but cannot be seen by the person for example a missing object. A psychic usually uses objects to help in a clairvoyant reading. This could be tarot cards, a Psychic Reading.

There are different ways of communicating with the spirits. In some cases the psychic is able to have a conversation with the spirit. Sometimes the psychic will see images and symbols. Each spirit has a unique personality just like its earthly person was unique. Experienced psychics can summon spirits who have been gone for long.

A clairvoyant

will do a reading by looking at the aura around you. The aura is the en every field around a person. The psychic can see images and colors in the aura and read things such as reasons and motivations for certain actions. The clairvoyant also sees mental images that have been stored in the aura and can interpret their meaning in regards to a person’s emotional, spiritual, mental and physical state.

A reading allows a person to learn more on their reality and get more information on why certain happenings occur. A true clairvoyant merely informs the person being read on what she can only see and does not offer solutions to problems therefor using the information the person can then make some changes in life that will improve his/her state of affairs.

Some people will ask a medium to contact their relatives or friends. This is called channelling. The medium will often go into a trance as she is communicating with the spirits. You will not see who she is speaking to but she can ask questions on your behalf.


While expecting good news is natural, sometimes a reading will be different from what one was expecting. Anyone going for a reading is advised to leave any expectations at the door. The spirit world is not guided by worldly reason or logic. The medium is merely a translator of what the spirit world tells or shows her.

An open mind is called for when going for a clairvoyant reading. Some information may appear to be irrelevant or useless but could actually be a prediction or something happening to another person close to you which comes out to be true at a later time.

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